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Enjoy this comedy short.

By November 10, 2013Filming/Editing

I am taking a video field production course at the Harvard Extension School. I just finished a group project to write, block, and edit a short film. The only requirement was that the first shot had to be of someone cleaning their glasses. We created a comedy piece in the style of a fake SNL commercial. I hope you enjoy watching it. It was a blast to create. The group I was in collaborated on the writing, blocking, and filming of the piece. I did the editing.

Seth Paine

Seth Paine has been a programmer since he got his first computer when he was 8. It connected to his TV and saved programs onto audio cassettes. He didn't have any games for it so he learned to write programs in Basic. He is now a web developer and That Nerdy Catholic on YouTube where he puts out a vlog and other random videos. As a Geek/Nerd, he most relates to Whovians.