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By Filming/Editing

Thanks to many friends and family for watching and to JonMarc Grodi for sharing it with the Coming Home Network, the conversion story short video of my wife Michelle has hit 100 views. I know for regular contributors to YouTube, that is a pretty small number, but I am really excited about it. It means that more than just a handful of my friends have watched it.

I have also received many encouraging comments about the video and how it has encouraged people. This is really what my goal is with these videos. I know so many great stories of people who have discovered the beauty and truth in the Catholic Church, and I want to show these stories in a compelling format. I know that for most people to watch them they have to be short and visually stimulating. I don’t want to just show someone talking but tell a story, tell their story in a way that draws people in.

I am looking forward to making more soon. I have my next interview lined up in the next few weeks. If you like Michelle’s video, please share it with your friends, give it a thumbs up on the page, an go to www.youtube.com/nucatholicmedia and subscribe.

Enjoy this comedy short.

By Filming/Editing

I am taking a video field production course at the Harvard Extension School. I just finished a group project to write, block, and edit a short film. The only requirement was that the first shot had to be of someone cleaning their glasses. We created a comedy piece in the style of a fake SNL commercial. I hope you enjoy watching it. It was a blast to create. The group I was in collaborated on the writing, blocking, and filming of the piece. I did the editing.