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November 2013

Enjoy this comedy short.

By Filming/Editing

I am taking a video field production course at the Harvard Extension School. I just finished a group project to write, block, and edit a short film. The only requirement was that the first shot had to be of someone cleaning their glasses. We created a comedy piece in the style of a fake SNL commercial. I hope you enjoy watching it. It was a blast to create. The group I was in collaborated on the writing, blocking, and filming of the piece. I did the editing.

The Kickstarter campaign has ended…

By Fund Rasing

As you may know, the Kickstarter campaign has ended and the goal was not reached. Because of this, no one will be charged for the amount they backed the project with. I wanted to thank you for believing in me and choosing to support this project. It means a lot that you believe in what I am doing. The unsuccessful end of this campaign does not mean the end of the sacraments documentary, just a delay.

Since I am taking classes at the Harvard Extension School, I can borrow equipment from them for limited amounts of time. While I work on procuring the equipment through other means, I will start shooting with their equipment and build up raw footage. While I am doing that, I will be producing short profiles on people’s stories about their journey into the Catholic Church. I will be posting those as I finish them, so keep your eye out. So many have journeyed into the Catholic Church. They have discovered the beauty of the sacraments and it has brought them home. I feel very strongly about sharing the joy and beauty of the Catholic Church, especially the sacraments.

I am also thankful for everything else that has happened over the past month as a result of reaching out through Kickstarter. I have made some great connections, even possible partners with whom to work on this and other projects. I attended an amazing Catholic New Media Conference and met many Catholic bloggers and vloggers. Most importantly, I learned once again to trust in God’s timing and to wait on Him. It is because of Him that we are here, it is because of Him that I am a Catholic, and it is He who needs to bless this project so that it can bless multitudes and draw them to Him.

This is definitely just the beginning and I am glad that I was able to share it with you. To receive updates on my progress, you can follow me on Facebook or Twitter, or visit my website below.


Seth Paine
nuCatholic Media