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Defending the Faith

By August 11, 2016Uncategorized

From Friday July 29 to Sunday July 31, I went with The Coming Home Network to the Defending the Faith conference held at Franciscan University in Steubenville Ohio. It was a great weekend. Matt Swaim, the communications coordinator, and I were able to get a few great interviews that we will use over the upcoming months for new CHNetwork videos. I am looking forward to working on them. We were able to interview Mike and Alicia Hernon from the Messy Parenting podcast as well as Father Mike Schmidtz who does great videos with Ascension Presents on YouTube. We were also able to do some great tweeting while we were there and I wanted to share some of those tweets to show how great the weekend was.

Seth Paine

Seth Paine has been a programmer since he got his first computer when he was 8. It connected to his TV and saved programs onto audio cassettes. He didn't have any games for it so he learned to write programs in Basic. He is now a web developer and That Nerdy Catholic on YouTube where he puts out a vlog and other random videos. As a Geek/Nerd, he most relates to Whovians.