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The Apostles want to see the Father! (#vLent Day 3)

By February 16, 2018

When Thomas asks Jesus to see the father, there is so much in that passage that we don’t see at first glance. What are the disciples expecting to see? What do they think of the relationship between Jesus and the Father? Today we are looking at John 14:8-9 where Philip asks Jesus to show him the Father.

About Seth Paine

Seth Paine has been a programmer since he got his first computer when he was 8. It connected to his TV and saved programs onto audio cassettes. He didn't have any games for it so he learned to write programs in Basic. He is now a web developer and That Nerdy Catholic on YouTube where he puts out a vlog and other random videos. As a Geek/Nerd, he most relates to Whovians.