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Calling Clergy to Repentance w/ Fr David Kidd 4:44

Father David Kidd of Saint Rose in Perrysburg Ohio sits down to talk about the importance of calling each other to repentance, even for the laity to call their priests and bishops to repentance. How do we deal with all the scandal in the Church? What role does the laity have in keeping their priests and bishops accountable?

How do faithful Catholics Respond to the Crisis? 10:05

I have struggled with making this video for a while. This is the first of, unfortunately, a number of videos on the crisis in the Church that I will be making. The main thing I want to continue to focus on though in all of it is the Mercy of God and His call to holiness in our lives. Stay holy my friends and always bring the Church before Christ in fervent prayer.

Welcome back & Win a Rosary! 6:01

Sorry for being away for over 2 months. I am back and hopefully will stick to a more consistent schedule. To welcome you back I am giving away a rosary that I made just for one of you. Thank you for your support and encouragement, I am so glad you are here.