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Responding to a YouTube Comment – Baptism and Salvation

By July 19, 2019

I received a comment on a recent video stating that there is no such thing as baptismal regeneration with a Bible verse to back up that claim. I wanted to respond to that comment, share some of my thoughts on baptism, and talk in general about how we use the Bible to back up our arguments. I took much of my inspiration and some of the verses from this great Steve Ray video from a few years ago – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8ZOt7dbrpOY

I hope this can continue the conversations we have about faith, Catholic tradition and Scripture. I am glad you are here, please continue the conversation in the comments below.

I am an Evangelical convert to the Catholic Church and my goal is to be a part of the conversation of what it means to have unity in the Church. Why are there so many different Protestant denominations? Didn’t Jesus pray that we all may be one in John 17? How can we have unity with all this division? This is the overarching theme of this channel. I hope you will join us and be part of the conversation.

Audio on this episode was recorded on the Instamic. https://www.youtube.com/user/Instamic

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