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Jesus’ Orphans? He will never leave us!

By February 20, 2018

Jesus promised that he will never leave us or forsake us. But what does that mean? Will we be one of Jesus’ orphans? How will he come to us? How will he be with us if he is in heaven? On this day 6 of #vLent we will look at this short but powerful verse. We know that Jesus will never leave us, but how do we trust that promise?

I am an Evangelical convert to the Catholic Church and this Lent I am doing #vLent, a new video every Monday to Saturday of Lent. I am going through John 14-17 a verse or two a day from Monday to Friday and Saturday I am sharing a little of my conversion story, how I came to believe that God was calling me into the Catholic Church.

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About Seth Paine

Seth Paine has been a programmer since he got his first computer when he was 8. It connected to his TV and saved programs onto audio cassettes. He didn't have any games for it so he learned to write programs in Basic. He is now a web developer and That Nerdy Catholic on YouTube where he puts out a vlog and other random videos. As a Geek/Nerd, he most relates to Whovians.