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Proceeds will help nuCatholic Media show the beauty of the Catholic Church through the medium of video.

For my master’s thesis, I created the beginning of an interactive documentary called Food for the Journey ( which is focused on the beauty of the sacraments and their role in the Christian life. As you know, film equipment isn’t cheap, and I am working to not only finish the Food for the Journey project but also do more video shorts with the kind of production quality that reflects his love of the subject matter.

To raise money and do something creative at the same time, I have designed this shirt. The theme of the design is the Gospel of John, with a word cloud of the terms that most commonly occur in that book of the Bible arranged in the shape of the Sacred Heart of Jesus. So when someone looks at your shirt and wonders why some words are bigger than others, that’s your handy explanation. We think it looks pretty cool and makes for an awesome conversation starter.

The shirt is available for a limited time only, so be sure to grab one now! John’s Gospel serves as the inspiration for My Food for the Journey project, as well as some of the other projects I’m planning to tackle if this campaign goes well. We’d love your support, and your help getting the message of Christ’s love to a world flooded with counterfeit versions of love- please share this page with anyone you know who might be interested in either this shirt or my projects!

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